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Your LMS / online learning platform needs to be cloud-based. Here’s why.


by Lynton Howes

Cloud-based learning management systems are hosted on the Internet and can be accessed by logging into the service provider's site, instead of having to install software. Users then simply use a browser to access content.

At Simplify LMS, we pride ourselves on offering the best learning management system / online learning platform in Australia, and of course, it is cloud-based.

A cloud-based learning management system delivers massive benefits over an on-premise solution. In this post I’ll list the top ten.

Using a mobile device to consume learning content is the norm.

1. Mobility

A buzz-word, but let’s face it, who among us doesn’t love consuming mobile content?

This is a huge benefit of a cloud-based solution, as it typically means that the learner can use the LMS on any device – mobile, tablet or desktop, giving tremendous flexibility and accessibility to use the system anywhere they have a data connection. And frankly, Millennials expect this.

Instructors and Administrators also benefit, as they can create content, assign users, run real-time reports and join discussions anywhere and anytime.

A word of caution – not all cloud-based LMSs are optimised for mobile devices. Of course, Simplify LMS is.

2. Better employee engagement

It’s well-accepted that employee engagement is tied to development opportunities and training. If you make that training interesting and accessible anywhere and anytime, as opposed to static and inaccessible (e.g. classroom training/manuals) then learning becomes something that learners can do at their own pace, making it more enjoyable and rewarding.

learner viewing elearning content on a tablet mobile device

3. Lower start-up costs

Because you don’t need to purchase software, cloud-based LMSs have very low initial costs compared to on-premise solutions, which have both direct costs from the software purchase itself, as well as considerable indirect costs in terms of working through compatibility issues and rolling the software out across the organisation. All you have to do is sign up and you can begin creating your content and courses from day 1. Some providers, such as SimplifyLMS, will set you up a trial system first so that you can make sure you like it before you even spend your first dollar!

4. Faster Deployment

An on-premise LMS involves many aspects which increase the time-to-value, from the business case and approvals required to obtain the capital expenditure involved, through to the server assessment/upgrade, compatibility checks, installation, and rollout across the organisation.

With a cloud-based solution, you can theoretically sign up today and have your learners using the system tomorrow.

Simplify LMS comes bundled with a full day’s training, which takes care of the steep learning curve often associated with a new system, and the Simplify Rapid Deployment Plan® which provides you with a blueprint for a pilot and subsequent rollout across your business, so you can start getting value from Day 1. No other LMS provider offers these benefits.

5. Cost predictability

With a cloud-based LMS, you know exactly how much you will pay each month, without the fear of hidden upgrade costs or maintenance fees. That keeps the CFO happy!

learner using learning management system on a laptop

6. Unlimited data

While data storage is cheap for consumers, the same cannot be said for server data for businesses, for various reasons. A small number of cloud based LMSs - such as Simplify - offer unlimited data, meaning that you never have to worry about slowing your system or the threat of running out of space.

7. Nothing to maintain

Disaster recovery, backups, patches, upgrades and other IT operational issues can not only waste time, but precious resources in your business. By using a cloud-based LMS, you essentially outsource the effort and risk associated with this to experts who are dedicated to it.

8. Better security

Some – not all – cloud-based LMSs offer regular backups and dedicated servers. In the case of Simplify LMS, the backups are daily and all data is on Rackspace servers – a Gartner Magic Quadrant-recognised global leader trusted by numerous government departments. It’s highly unlikely that your IT team has the same level of dedicated infrastructure and expertise.

9. Flexibility

With an on-premise solution, you have a large initial spend based on a forecast of future requirements. The future is impossible to predict accurately! With a cloud-based solution such as Simplify LMS you have flexibility to scale your subscription up or down so that you’re assured of only paying for what you need, and you have absolute agility to support future growth, acquisitions or downsizing.

Service offered by a Simplify PremiumSupport team member

10. PremiumSupport®

OK, this actually has nothing to do with being cloud-based or not, but I wanted to tell you about it anyway and could not leave this list at only 9 points!

Simplify PremiumSupport is personalised support available to you each month to use as you wish - for creating content, polishing your skills, or for accessing our experience to get advice on anything related to your LMS. Every subscription comes with one hour per month of this outstanding service offering, giving you peace-of-mind that we're with you all the way. No other LMS provider offers this, and it's just another part of the Simplify Wow Factor.

Thanks for reading and I would love to hear your feedback! 

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