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Best LMS for Legal / Law Firms

Stay compliant and keep track of CPD points

1. Onboarding / Inductions

When you have a new starter join the business, you want them to be able to hit the ground running. Having a structured and efficient online onboarding course will allow you to do just that, ensuring that they can quickly learn about the business, key people and their role, while freeing up the time required by other members of your business who would otherwise have to devote time to doing the onboarding. Let's face it, 90% of what a new employee needs to know is the same information, so if you are spending time communicating this without online learning, you are wasting a huge amount of time, especially where you have high employee turnover or a large number of casual / contract staff.

Using the Simplify LMS in-built course creation tool, you can quickly and simply create a great onboarding course with video welcome messages and a site orientation which will not only be effective, but give a professional first impression to your new people, letting them know you do things in an efficient and streamlined manner.

2. Policy Compliance

All companies require policies to guide employee behaviours and ensure that everyone knows the rules, but having policies alone, or using the "tick and flick" approach to communicating policies to your people absolutely doesn't cut it anymore and won't stand up for 5 seconds in a court of law, as you would know! What's essential, should you be faced with an unfair dismissal claim, is that you can demonstrate that the employee read, understood (i.e. via some form of assessment), and agreed to be bound by the relevant policy, and that it was reinforced regularly (e.g. annually).


If you're not doing this with your policies, you are obviously putting your business at severe risk - both financial and reputational.

The Simplify LMS in-built course creation tool means that you can take your existing policies and quickly and simply turn them into engaging courses which are relevant to your culture and store, with assessment and completion tracking, which are automatically re-issued to employees on the frequency you require (e.g. annually).

3. Quality Assurance / Consistent Processes

Quality assurance and doing things in a consistent manner are critical for the retail environment, but gaining this awareness for your people can be a very time-intensive or manual process, if you don't have efficient online training courses, which can make it very efficient.

Using the Simplify LMS in-built course creation tool, you can take your existing materials, such as Word documents, PDFs, PowerPoint files, etc. and incorporate these into interactive online courses which have automated assessments and completion tracking so that you can roll this content out rapidly and efficiently.

4. CPD Points Tracking

At Simplify, we understand the challenges around tracking CPD points compliance and reporting and our solution offers a number of ways for these points to be tracked, either through self-reporting by your staff or through a more centralised approach.

5. Computer Systems training

Your firm will have various computer systems which people need to use, whether that's for invoicing, timesheeting, file storage, etc. Not everyone is highly computer-literate, so once again, this is an area where we can partner with you to assist you to develop courses which will enable your people to learn to use new or existing computer software quickly and efficiently.

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