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Best LMS for the Healthcare / Medical Device Industry (Australia)

Train more efficiently, using our simple but powerful online learning solution

If you are in the healthcare industry, you will be absolutely conscious of standards and compliance, as lives may literally be at risk if the correct procedures are not followed, not to mention the chance of litigation. The Simplify LMS solution (Learning Management System / online learning platform) can assist greatly; here's how.

Bespoke training content

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Most likely, your training will need to be specific to your particular area - be that a surgical clinic, dental clinic, or medical device - meaning that you simply can't purchase off-the-shelf training courses which meet your needs. Don't worry, with the Simplify LMS in-built course builder, you can easily create your own content exactly as you need it to be, and this comes with plenty of benefits:

  • You own the content, so you don't have to pay for updates or changes
  • You can make updates and changes quickly and easily
  • The content exactly matches your requirements and culture

So much of the packaged course content out there is "Americanised" and just doesn't hit the mark for the Australian market, but if you do find a course which you like, you can always add that into the Simplify LMS also (provided it's SCORM-compliant, which most are).

Sites like Canity and Open Sesame offer great content which you can plug right in to Simplify LMS.

Remote learning

Whether your learners are learning to use your medical device across the globe, or simply needing the flexibility to learn from home due to COVID, the Simplify LMS solution makes it a snap for learners, who can start a course on a laptop and then continue that same course - saved in the same place automatically - on their mobile device while kicking back on the sofa or taking the bus home. All content is responsive, meaning that it simply works on all devices, without the need for a separate mobile app.

Multiple Languages

If you need to deliver your training globally, you'll want a learning management system which works in different languages, and the Simplify LMS solution can do just that. 

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Via our powerful branches capability, we can set up a branch for each language required, with all of the system functionality, including automated notifications, then showing in that language. Then, all you have to do is create versions of your course content in the language and assign those courses to the relevant branch. We will help set up your certificate templates. It works extremely well and provides a seamless experience for your learners.

Reporting and completion tracking

The Simplify LMS reporting capability is powerful and allows you to have completion reports automatically sent to Administrators by email on a regular (e.g. weekly) basis. All of your records - even for users who have left the organisation and have now been set to "inactive" to free up seats - are available at the click of a mouse, meaning no more searching for those completion records through files.

Our custom reporting capability takes this a step further, allowing you to create custom reports, using custom fields (e.g. location, division) which we configure for you. These custom reports can of course be downloaded and/or automatically sent to Administrators, but in addition, there is mass actions capability meaning that you can send message, mass-enrol or unenroll, etc. etc.

We're hear to help - get in touch to learn more

With Simplify LMS, we become your learning partner to help solve the challenges you face and help make your business operate more profitably, and offer the best LMS (Learning Management System / online learning platform) for small to medium businesses with local service and support right here in Sydney, Australia.

We specialise in quick deployments and can have you set up with your learning management system within 48 hours of coming on board as a customer.

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