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Best LMS / online learning platform for Construction (Australia)

More than just safety, here's why Simplify is the best Learning Management System / online learning platform for the construction industry

Safety training and compliance is obviously critically important in the construction industry in Australia, and it's often why our customers come to us in the first place, but there is so much more to gain from your Learning Management System if you use the right system the right way.

At Simplify LMS, we partner with construction companies to deliver huge benefits, regardless of whether it's a small business with 50 staff or 1,500 staff. Here's are some of the ways we can deliver value:

1. Onboarding / Inductions

Construction workers benefit from effective onboarding / inductions

When you have a new starter join your construction business, you want them to be able to hit the ground running. Having a structured and efficient online onboarding course will allow you to do just that, ensuring that they can quickly learn about the business, key people and their role, while freeing up the time required by other members of your business who would otherwise have to devote time to doing the onboarding. Let's face it, 90% of what a new employee needs to know is the same information, so if you are spending time communicating this without online learning, you are wasting a huge amount of time, especially where you have high employee turnover or a large number of casual / contract staff.


2. Occupational Health and Safety

Effective safety training is critical to the protection of your people and your business

Occupational Health and Safety is absolutely critical to the efficient running of a construction business and of course is the right thing to do, and penalties for non-compliance are high. Ensuring that all of your people - employees, contractors and visitors - are aware of how to behave safely and report incidents on your site it not simple, though. With an online course created through Simplify LMS, you can ensure that everyone knows what is required, with content specifically relevant to your business, risks and procedures, and you'll have completion records which you can easily produce if required by law.

With our manual course completion functionality, the Simplify LMS solution can also allow you to manually assess your people's practical skills (e.g. demonstrate how to safely shut down this equipment) so that your practical assessment is in the same system as the theory assessment.

We don't offer packaged occupational health and safety courses, because we believe (and our customers tell us) that being able to easily produce your own online course content provides so many benefits:

  • You own the content, so you don't have to pay for updates or changes
  • You can make updates and changes quickly and easily
  • The content exactly matches your requirements, people and culture

So much of the packaged course content out there is "Americanised" and just doesn't hit the mark for the Australian market, but if you do find a course which you like, you can always add that into the Simplify LMS also (provided it's SCORM-compliant, which most are).

Sites like Canity and Open Sesame offer great content which you can plug right in to Simplify LMS.

3. Policy Compliance

Policy compliance training should be offered via online learning which can be accessed via mobile devices

All companies require policies to guide employee behaviours and ensure that everyone knows the rules, but having policies alone, or using the "tick and flick" approach to communicating policies to your people absolutely doesn't cut it anymore and won't stand up for 5 seconds in a court of law! What's essential, should things turn to custard and you are faced with an unfair dismissal claim, is that you can demonstrate that the employee read, understood (i.e. via some form of assessment), and agreed to be bound by the relevant policy, and that it was reinforced regularly (e.g. annually). If you're not doing this with your policies, you are putting your business at risk - both financial and reputational.


The Simplify LMS built-in course creation tool means that you can take your existing policies and quickly and simply turn them into engaging courses which are relevant to your culture and site, with assessment and completion tracking, which are automatically re-issued to employees on the frequency you require (e.g. annually).

4. Computer Systems training

A learning management system can allow your people to learn all your systems effectively on laptop, mobile devices and tablets

Your business will have various computer systems which people need to use, whether that's for timesheeting, near miss recording, etc. Not everyone is highly computer-literate, so once again, this is an area where we can partner with you to assist you to develop courses which will enable your people to learn to use new or existing computer software quickly and efficiently.

We're hear to help - get in touch to learn more

With Simplify LMS, we become your learning partner to help solve the challenges you face and help make your business operate more profitably, and offer the best LMS (Learning Management System / online learning platform) for small to medium businesses with local service and support right here in Sydney, Australia.

We specialise in quick deployments and can have you set up with your learning management system within 48 hours of coming on board as a customer.

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