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Best LMS / online learning platform for Onboarding / Inductions (Australia)

The best online learning platform to provide flexible, efficient onboarding for your new starters and contractors

The onboarding / induction is a critical process for new employees and contractors, as it provides the initial impression and done well, can enable your new starters to "hit the ground running" and start adding value to your organisation as quickly as possible, while saving time through automation of the content.

In this article, I will outline how the Simplify LMS (Learning Management System / online learning platform) solution can make this process efficient, effective and seamless.

Create a great online onboarding / induction course

An effective online onboarding course can make your new starters feel welcome and quickly become productive

A huge strength of the Simplify LMS solution is the in-built course builder, as it enables you to create custom online learning which is perfectly suited to your organisation's industry, location and culture. While some content works well in certain circumstances when bought off the shelf, this is never the case for onboarding, simply because nobody knows your business like you and you need it to be customised to be effective.

As your learning partner, we can help guide you on creating a great onboarding / induction course in a matter of hours and the following are common ingredients that we recommend:

  • Information on your organisation's values, mission and vision
  • Information on you organisation's products / services, making use of references to your existing collateral such as website, product brochures, videos, etc.
  • Welcome video from the CEO / Managing Director which can reinforce the values, provide a warm welcome and set expectations
  • Online orientation videos from other key members or staff
  • Information about sites/locations
  • Information on key administrative aspects such as time recording, access passes, etc. which is important for all employees / contractors
  • Assessment to reinforce the key points
  • Feedback survey so that your learners can tell you what they loved and what can be improved

Video works great and is so easy to capture. We can assist you with editing of your phone-recorded videos to turn your raw footage into professional looking videos.

Stop wasting time

Having a structured and efficient online onboarding / induction course will allow your new starters to hit the ground running, ensuring that they can quickly learn about the business, key people and their role, while freeing up the time required by other members of your business who would otherwise have to devote time to doing the onboarding. Let's face it, 90% of what a new employee needs to know is the same information, so if you are spending time communicating this without online learning, you are wasting a huge amount of time, especially where you have high employee turnover or a large number of casual / contract staff.

With Simplify LMS, you can largely automate the process, by packaging the information required for your new starters into a great course which they work through themselves, with automated assessment and completion tracking. Of course, there will still be a practical element required, such as meeting key people and learning about the physical aspects of the role, but this might be 10-20% of the time spent, rather than 100%, which frees up time for your other staff.

Provide flexibility to your new employees / contractors

Having your onboard / induction course online with a cloud learning management system allows efficient learning

Since the Simplify LMS is fully responsive (which means it will simply fit to any device screen size, be that laptop, tablet or mobile phone automatically) you don't need a mobile app and your users have tremendous flexibility to complete their courses.

A user can start the course on a laptop and their progress is automatically saved, even if they are only part way through the course. They can then access the course from the same location from a tablet or mobile device (e.g. on the bus during the trip home) and complete the course. This flexibility means that your learners can work through the online courses you provision to them in their own time on any device, which is particularly relevant for flexible working arrangements.

This can also enable your new starters to commence their onboarding / induction prior to being set up on other systems, meaning that they can commence on Day 1 (or earlier if they wish) even if their other account and systems are not yet ready.

Automate visitor inductions

Site inductions done online via an LMS makes it efficient and easy to locate records

If your organisation has sites or plants with the requirement for visitors to complete a visitor induction prior to admission, you need a solution which is efficient and automated.

With our branches functionality, we can help you create a branch specifically for visitor inductions for those outside of your organisation, with self-sign up functionality. Combine this with the fact that Simplify LMS works great on mobile devices, and you can deliver the following as best in class visitor inductions:

  • Visitor arrives at your site and is provided with a tablet / iPad showing the welcome screen - all that is required is connection to WiFi
  • Visitor enters their name and email address to create a user account
  • Visitor is automatically enrolled in the visitor induction course and completes the course, working through the assessment to demonstrate understanding and competence, and is issued with a completion certificate with the required validity (e.g. 12 months) which is automatically emailed to them
  • The completion confirmation for the visitor is automatically emailed to your administrator who can then grant access to the site
  • All records are stored in the system for easy retrieval if required
  • If the visitor returns to the site within the validity period, they can either show their completion certificate to your staff at entry of this can be easily retrieved from the systemWe believe that this can provide tremendous benefits over manual processes and recording!

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With Simplify LMS, we become your learning partner to help solve the challenges you face and help make your business operate more profitably, and offer the best LMS (Learning Management System / online learning platform) for small to medium businesses with local service and support right here in Sydney, Australia.

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