• Simplify LMS.


    More than just the best Learning Management System in Australia.


    It's a comprehensive, cloud-based solution to help your business run better.

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    "The system has been a major success – we have delivered over 1200 courses to our staff, with over 90% rating the courses as very good or excellent. The solution provided a cost effective way to rapidly roll out company-specific training and help us better manage compliance."

    Michael Fahey

    Chief Executive Officer - Energy Action

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    "...a great user-friendly platform. The team at Simplify were extremely supportive throughout implementation and we were able to deliver high-quality, online training in response to business needs in a short timeframe."

    Brett Kovac

    Head of Human Resources - Only About Children

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    "In setting up my LMS platform, Lynton made every step easy. Lynton certainly delivers. I highly recommend him, and Simplify LMS."

    Andrew Dickinson

    Founder - Northstar Martial Arts

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    "Simplify LMS is truly an outstanding learning management system and the best I have found on the market. The professional quality of the product is exceptional with friendly and efficient support, always."

    Eric Brooker

    Board Member - Diving Australia

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    "We have had a truly great experience...the product is simple, easy to use and practical. Coupled with the support service, I can’t see how a business would not get significant returns using the tool."

    Robin Apfel

    Managing Director - Bluleader

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    "Revamping our onboarding system was becoming an overwhelming task until we discovered Simplify LMS! The system is so easy to set up and use and Lynton has gone above and beyond to personally support our goals."

    Kerrie Thacker

    Co-Founder - Prestige Care Services (Florida)

  • How can you benefit from the Simplify solution?

    Let us count the ways....

    improved onboarding and induction with the best LMS

    Improved Onboarding

    Give your new starters the induction they deserve, so that they hit the ground running.


    Better value from day one,

    and better retention of staff, with Simplify. Click to try it now.

    process control

    Process Control

    You have teams across multiple locations and processes need to be consistent.


    Get your staff working the same way, with Simplify. Click to try it now.

    compliance and policy communication via online learning


    If you can't produce proof that your policies have been clearly communicated to staff, your goose is cooked in the event of an issue.


    De-risk policy compliance for your business, with Simplify. Click to try it now.

    Easy learning content creation with premium support

    Easy content creation

    The free setup and training included with a Simplify subscription will get you creating quality eLearning courses right away.


    Create great content immediately, with Simplify. Click to try it now.

    store online learning content in the cloud

    All learning content in one place.

    Get all your learning content where it belongs - in the cloud.


    From there, it can be managed efficiently and provisioned to users, with Simplify. Click to try it now.

    mobile learning which is responsive for the best learning experience

    Beautifully mobile content

    Your staff will love being able to consume beautiful content the way they want to - desktop, tablet, or mobile device.


    Content optimised for flexibility, with Simplify. Click to try it now.

    blended online learning for customer satisfaction

    Blended Learning

    Mix e-learning with instructor-led training. Deliver instructor-led training events, either in a classroom or via videoconferencing.


    Get the best of both worlds, with Simplify. Click to try it now.

  • The Wow Factor

    Premium features are all part of the Simplify offering. For free.

    Regular Updates - for Free

    Being a fully cloud-based solution, you get the benefit of our continuous improvement program where we constantly add new features and enhance the total offering - at no additional cost to you.

    Set-Up and Training - for Free

    Most of our competitors charge a hefty fee for set up costs and / or training. With Simplify, there are no surprises. Your base subscription includes fully branded set up of your new system, and training, included at no cost. No other LMS provider offers this.

    The Simplify Rapid Deployment Plan® - for Free

    As implementation experts with years of experience, the team at Simplify LMS knows how to plan and execute an LMS project for maximum success. Our Rapid Deployment Plan will help you to roll it out across the business, starting with a pilot, where it'll give you maximum bang for your buck and permit tweaking based on feedback. It's a template for sustainable success from Day 1. No other LMS provider offers this.

    The Simplify Change Management Kit® - for Free

    Implementing a Learning Management System is like any other system implementation - the people change management aspects are critical, otherwise adoption will be low, and it will be a failure. Our Change Management Kit includes templates for Stakeholder Analysis, Change Management Strategy and Plan, Communications Strategy and Plan, and Sustainability Review. With Simplify, you get a blueprint for success. No other LMS provider offers this.

    Simplify PremiumSupport® - for Free

    Most of our competitors offer a product, and minimal or no service thereafter. Simplify PremiumSupport is personalised support (including phone support) available to you each month to use as you wish - for creating content, polishing your skills, or for accessing our experience to get advice on anything related to your LMS. Every subscription comes with one hour per month of this outstanding service offering, giving you peace-of-mind that we're with you all the way. No other LMS provider offers this.

  • 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

    If you're not happy after 30 days, we'll refund you.

    No cost to you. No questions asked.

    That's the Simplify Peace of Mind commitment.

  • Pricing Options

    The most flexible LMS package in Australia, with options to meet all budgets and requirements. Being this adaptable, pricing is always bespoke, so just ask us for an obligation-free quote.

    Self Serve - You create your own content

    Best for lean budgets

    Hybrid - You create some, we do the hard stuff

    Value + Flexibility

    Full Service - We create all content, freeing up your time

    Stick to what you do best

  • Contact us for a demonstration or full-featured trial

    Would you like a no-obligation, personalised trial of Australia's best online learning system?

    Pricing for your business, or a live demonstration? Or maybe you'd just like to learn more?

    Please use the form below and we'll get back to you within 2 hours. That's the local support difference!

    Can't wait that long? Call us on 1300 100 168.

  • About Us

    We're always here for you.

    Lynton Howes Founder of Simplify LMS

    Lynton Howes

     Founder and Managing Director

    Lynton has over 15 years of consulting experience in people change management, training, and IT implementations, including creating bespoke elearning solutions for a large range of clients. An experienced project manager, he leads a team of dedicated onshore and offshore experts to achieve maximum quality and value for clients. Contact him at Lynton@SimplifyLMS.com.au


    Head Office is Suite 401/447 Kent Street, Sydney.

    Call +61 1300 100 168

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  • Full List of Features

    Simplify is the best learning management system in Australia, and as a result, there's a lot to love!

    Can't wait to try it? Click here to try it now.

    Quickly and easily create great content

    Build courses by re-using Presentations, Videos or eLearning content you already have, or by consuming content from your intranet or the web. Now that's efficient!

    Supports Awesome eLearning

    Use your existing content created with Adobe Storyline, Captivate, Lectora, Camtasia, etc. or let us create some engaging content for you.

    Learning Paths

    Restrict the way that courses can be completed, or course content can be viewed. No skipping through those compliance modules!

    Role Based Training

    Utilise the role-based learning matrix to streamline and standardise content delivery, so that users get the content they need, quickly and efficiently provisioned.

    Assessments Engine

    Support for multiple types of questions and a variety of test types. Customise pass marks. Extensive reporting on test results.

    Surveys Engine

    Create surveys, and collect and analyze survey responses. You no longer need to have a separate product for this.

    Scorm & Tin Can (xApi)

    Naturally, Simplify supports the latest industry standards in content interoperability.

    Blended Learning / Instructor-Led Integration

    Mix e-learning with instructor-led training. Deliver instructor-led training events either in a classroom or via videoconferencing. View upcoming sessions with the integrated Calendar.

    A beautifully clean and intuitive User Interface

    Clean and intuitive interface, for Administrators, Instructors and Learners. Responsive design that fits any device. Scalable visual elements that are retina screen ready.

    Unlimited Courses

    You'll never have to worry about the number of courses you can create, or the size of videos or other large files, because with Simplify LMS you get unlimited data and the ability to create an unlimited amount of courses. Now that's peace of mind!

    Files repository

    Organize, reuse and share files with selected users. Perfect for rolling out new or updated policies to users, for example.


    Professional-looking and entirely customisable certifications that users will actually want to earn. 

    Videoconference support

    Conduct and record videoconference sessions, with the native Simplify tool, Big Blue Button, or GoToMeeting - your choice.


    Bring your courses to life with Badges, Points, Levels, Rewards and Leaderboards. Fully customisable gamification experience via the Gamification Engine.

    Collaboration Tools

    Integrated Messaging and Discussion forums, for effective collaboration and networking.


    Extensive reporting about everything within the Simplify solution. A timeline of all system actions for access to what happened, by whom and when, and a reports generator to generate detailed reports as required, even automated reporting!

    API Integration

    An extensive Rest-API to communicate with your other systems, as required.

    Robust Security

    Work over a secure communication channel, enforce strong passwords, and add watermarks to your videos. The solution is hosted on a separate secure URL, meaning it cannot compromise your network. All data is stored on Rackspace servers and backed up daily.


    Support for LDAP, SAML2 and Active Directory, as well as integrations with Okta and OneLogin identity management systems. It all means one less password for your staff.